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Decontra VillageDecontra and the Orfento GorgeDecontra's tiny chapel

The Village of Decontra

Decontra is in a magnificent position on the lip of the mighty Orfento Gorge, with south-facing views of the mountains of Amaro and Morrone. The village has only been connected to the outside world since the 1970’s – until then it had no electricity, and no road. Today, some of the 70 or so inhabitants still work the surrounding fields or graze their flocks of sheep and goats on the mountainside. Many houses are empty – some owned by families who have emigrated as far as Canada and Australia. Other villagers have moved closer to the valley but return at weekends to visit family and spend the summer in their “real” home. There is an excellent and popular restaurant, and the village is visited by mobile suppliers bringing fresh bread, fruit and vegetables, and cured meats and cheeses.